Earl Powell – Music Director

Earl Powell is a Grammy, Billboard & Gold acclaimed American Songwriter and Music Producer from Chicago, IL, whose love for music began in elementary school. As a minor, Earl earned many music accolades & placements, including 1st chair (Trumpet), Band President, Musician of the Year, Chicago’s All City Band, and national acknowledgment in Who’s Who In Music.
Earl has been both at the helm & behind the scenes of MANY rhythmic & historic things in music and in the entertainment culture, having collaborated with some of music entertainment’s biggest names, including Jennifer Hudson, Snoop Dogg, Keyshia Cole, Ashanti, The Jacksons, and many more. His Grammy & Gold recognition came from his work with Jennifer Hudson on the song “Stand Up” from her debut album. He is also honored to have co-written and produced several songs on the historic 1 st solo release of the legendary Music Hall of Famer Tito Jackson of the Jackson 5, which hit top 20 on Billboard, and featuring hip hop legend Big Daddy Kane.
Throughout his career, Earl has been a college educator of Music Production & Music Business, a speaker on panels, an advisor & consultant of many artists, students & colleagues. Earl continues to blaze the trail as a hitmaker, staying true to his 1st love ~ MUSIC ~ as he is EXCITED to have a lot currently brewing, inclusive of the release his very own debut album next year, which was kicked off with the 1st single called “The One” that was released in June of this year!
Outside of music, Earl is a devoted husband, a proud father of 4, and a trusted leader in several other areas of involvement. He is a community activist, philanthropist by nature, and an advocate of truth and justice. Earl’s mindset is to add more than you take, and bring value to every encounter.