Writer-Director Ally May grew up in East San Jose, a poor neighborhood of low-riders and migrant workers. Seeing the world through the prism of that tough neighborhood and resilient community instilled within her determination and a strong work ethic. Ally attended the UCLA Writing Program, the Academy of Film Writing, SF Film School, the Directing Actors Workshops and completed the Sundance Directing Program, the Joan Scheckel Filmmaking Labs and The Visual Accelerator. Ally has directed four short films which were selected for dozens of film festivals including the Oscar qualifying Flicker Rhode Island International Film Fest, HollyShorts Festival, Catalina Film Festival. Recently Ally won Best Director in the Female Feedback Film Festival and California Shorts Festival and California Indies Festival. Ally’s brand is emotionally haunting thrillers and dramas with troubled characters. This is a reflection of both her formative childhood in a troubled home and the films that were of immense influence on her. Email: writerdirectorallymay@gmail.com Vimeo https://vimeo.com/allymay IMDB https://pro.imdb.com/