Oh Devil

When God and the Devil come across an ambiguous human soul, they must collaborate to decide whether she belongs in heaven or hell; otherwise, the Universe will cease to exist. This fantasy comedy was shot from development to final edit in 48 hours with 3 actresses and a crew of only 7 people back in August 2022


Run Rabbit

Run Rabbit is a multi-character thriller that follows Marcus Page as he pursues a rogue vigilante that is killing prominent people across the city. As Marcus chases the vigilante he soon realizes the reasons behind who is being killed and why, discovering a ring of disturbing actions with the levels and positions of those involved to be more than ever imagined. All resulting in a surprising finale.


All I Need Is Your Signature

For people who don’t like people. A dark comedy about a woman, Tanya (Michele Dawson, Halloween Ends), working a mysterious job getting signatures for various contracts. She only needs one last signature to finish her commitment, but the last signature she needs becomes quite an ordeal to get.

The Sounds At Night

Alone for the night, David wakes up to unusual noises in his home. He cannot rest until he finds the cause, but will he be able to rest once he finds out the reason for the mysterious sounds.


The Pitch

A desperate writer pitching movie ideas to a hot shot Hollywood producer only to discover that his best shot is just around the corner.