Revenue Share Program FAQ

Make Money at the Santa Clarita International Film Festival!

The Santa Clarita International Film Festival is the first film festival in the state of California to offer a portion of the box office ticket sales to all filmmakers, musicians, comedians, emcees, and partner organizations during the festival.
How does your Revenue Share Program Work?
If you are participating in the festival, you get a piece of the door! You get assigned a special ticket link. You market that link to your network to buy tickets. When you (or your network) purchase tickets online get 25% of every ticket that is sold. We track your special link, and you get PAID. It’s that simple!
Who can participate?
We are offering this program to anyone who is a part of the festival…filmmakers, musicians, comedians, hosts, and our media and nonprofit partners. You promote tickets to your network and you make money to support your cause.
When do we get paid?
You can keep using your code through the entire festival. So if you haven’t purchased a ticket when you get there…instead of going to the registration desk and purchasing it at the kiosk, use your link. However, it will take us a few days after the festival for us to settle all our funds and close our books. You can expect payment before the end of the year.
How do we get paid?
Once we get all our final reports at the end of the festival, we calculate the 25% that is owed to you. We then send a CHECK to your mailing address so please make sure that we have the MOST ACCURATE address for you on file. It is imperative for us to ensure that you are paid promptly.