Roy Anderson

Roy Anderson comes from a long line of whiskey makers…some of whom were bootlegers. Learning from his grandfather, Roy looked to the family business until later in life after first trying his hand as an auto mechanic to a scientist working on Ionic CO2 absorption refrigeration, lead acid graphite battery technology and solar . It was only one night around a fire that his friends encouraged him to embrace what was in his blood. The dream began simply as a Notre Dame Football targeted tailgate whiskey which was purchased and enjoyed by a lot of alumni and former football players. Jim Beam Noe, the man behind Jim Beam American still house at the Jim Beam distillery, became a mentor and a friend and soon Onora Whiskey was born. Expansion was rapid and the company was bought out in a stock exchange by Exlites holding. Roy is now back to building a new brand and a new Whiskey company that he can unveil to the world.